According to the National Caravan Council (NCC), there are already 335,000 caravan holiday homes that are in use in the UK, and since 2000, there’s been a constant increase in sales. This goes to show that static caravans are becoming more popular, and consequently, more expensive. That’s why before buying a static caravan, make sure that you know all the terms of the contract, and take everything into consideration. Here are some points that you should look into, before getting yourself the caravan of your dreams.

Site Fees

Considered as your contribution to park services so you can use the facilities, varies depending on the demands of the park (location, season length, facilities).


Typically purchased in bottles although some parks have piped gas. Bottled gas can often be purchased from the park, but do ask if it can be bought elsewhere as you may be able to save money.


You’re allowed to get your own insurance, although you’ll be required to have appropriate public liability cover of around £2m, typically. Ask around and make sure you don’t overlook any detail about the insurance coverage.

Other Rates

Other rates include water and sewerage provision, the costs of these are set by the local council.

License Period

Be aware of how long your entitlement is to your static caravan and discuss the details with the park operator, as some can be extremely strict in reinforcing the license period.

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